RIMS Build – Page 2

My RIMS Build – Page 2 My RIMS Build is coming along. I’m still waiting on a few things so I can start on the plumbing and gas lines. I had to find a way to go from the 3/8″ male flare orifice fitting on the burners to my stainless tubing. Here is what I … Read more

RIMS Build Page 3

RIMS Build Page 3 Here is my RIMS Build, Page 3.  First off, you may notice that I purchased a new brew kettle from MoreBeer.com. I ordered it with a notched lid for my Immersion Chiller which I plan to use to chill the wort down. This is one super-heavy-duty kettle and a great deal. Plus, you … Read more

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If you have a blog or website about home brewing (homebrewing), craft beer, distilling, or any related niche, and you think our content will be of interest to your visitors, please consider adding a link to Winning-Homebrew.com on your blog or website.  Here are some reasons why it might be helpful: In today’s internet environment, … Read more

Discover The Joys of Kegging

I have written quite a bit about the joys of kegging on this website. I found this article invaluable when I first started kegging myself, so I asked the owner of Brewing Techniques’ archives for permission to reprint it here to help you with some of the more complicated kegging issues. Some of the material … Read more

Mob Barley’s Home Brewery

Home Brewery Welcome to Mob Barley’s home brewery, version 2.0.  I bought the 14’x60′ building with an 8′ porch to brew on. It was basically an empty shell with anchors to keep it from blowing away in a hurricane (I am only a few miles from the Gulf Coast after all).   I ran an underground … Read more

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Fermentable Brewing Sugars-You Can’t Make Beer Without Them

Other Fermentable Brewing Sugars There are many other brewing sugars used in brewing beer besides barley. Any starch or sugar can be used as a fermentable adjunct in the making of beer. There are basically two classes used in brewing, those that require mashing and those that don’t. Natural starches such as potatoes, pumpkins, corn and rice … Read more

Beer Interviews with Craft Beer Celebreties

Beer Interviews with Craft Beer Celebrities I hope to bring you beer interviews with craft beer celebrities. As you probably already know, people who are beer writers, beer blogger, brewers, brewery owners, and craft beer enthusiasts are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  The craft beer celebrities here on this page have … Read more

Homebrew Grain Mills And A Pictorial Guide To Milling Grain

Overview of a Homebrew Grain Mill Homebrew grain mills have a simple job, to crush the grains of malt in preparation for brewing. That being said, milling grain for home brewing is a little more complicated than that. What a Grain Mill Does What you want the grain mill to do is remove the husk … Read more

Extract Brewing Systems Are Simple and Inexpensive.

Extract Brewing Systems Extract brewing systems can be simple.  You may already have a lot of the equipment you will need to brew great beer at home.  Or, you can go all-out and purchase an all-in-one setup which will include everything you could possibly need to brew an extract beer recipe.   Most of the … Read more