Bock Beer Note: For the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines, the Bock category has been removed and the individual styles have been split up among other categories, or in the case of the Traditional style, removed altogether.  Maibock or “May” Bock is a controversial style in that it has disappeared in the style name but remains … Read more

What is a Porter Beer? Learn All About the Style and It’s History.

Porter Beer Style Profile Note: in the current (2015) BJCP Style Guidelines, Porters are in Category 13 Brown British Beer.   Here are some common questions many people ask about the Porter beer style:What is a porter, what is the difference between a stout and a porter, what is a stout beer, or stout vs porter…Hopefully the information below will … Read more

Homebrew Stir Plate, a Must-Have for Yeast Starters

To be honest, a stir plate is one of the most important pieces of homebrewing equipment you can invest in, along with a 5000 ml borosilicate flask.  The erlenmeyer flask doesn’t have to be that big, but when you start making high gravity beers, such as barleywines, wheat wines, etc., you really need a huge … Read more