The Best Sweet Beer

Best Sweet Beer

While you might associate beer with a bitter flavor due to the crucial hops ingredient, there are plenty of beers that fall on the opposite side of the flavor spectrum. Hoppy, bitter beers are great, but if you are looking for something sweet and creamy, you can also find beers that’ll fulfill your cravings. If … Read more

The Best Beer For Diabetics

Best Beer For Diabetics

If you have diabetes, drinking is safe in moderation, but you have to pay attention to alcohol’s effect on your blood sugar as part of your blood sugar management strategy.  Alcoholic beverages, including regular beer, tend to be high in carbohydrates. And carbohydrates can cause blood glucose levels to surge.  So, the best beer for … Read more

Top 10 Best Pumpkin Beer On The Market

Best Pumpkin Beer

There’s nothing more appropriate than a delicious pumpkin beer when sweater weather rolls around—something about that warm, earthy mix of spices that makes us feel comforted and cared for. As it turns out, there’s a scientific reason why we crave that hit of pumpkin pie spices, which is why breweries regularly crank out gourmet pints … Read more

Muscadine Wine Recipe

Muscadine Wine Recipe

You might have heard some flack about muscadine wine recently. Some might tell you it’s just a “get drunk quick” wine with too much sugar. Others look down upon it for being too cheap. However, if you like wine with strong, aromatic qualities, or sweet wine made with ingredients indigenous to America, muscadine wine is … Read more

How To Make Hooch At Home: A DIY guide to toilet wine

How To Make Hooch At Home

Buck. Prison wine. Toilet wine. Pruno. These are all colloquial terms for homemade hooch. A practice that took off during Prohibition in the 1920s, homebrewing is still popular with DIY’ers today, and fermenting your hooch is one of the simplest projects you can do at home.   My favorite name for hooch is toilet wine, mostly … Read more

Best Oktoberfest Beer

Best Oktoberfest Beer

Although Munich’s Oktoberfest is most commonly associated with its beer fest, it’s actually a historical celebration that heralds a strategic marriage that strengthened Bavaria. These days, Germans and non-Germans alike celebrate that iconic day by drinking several pints of beer.  Although you might not be able to get to Germany for Oktoberfest, there are still … Read more

Best Mexican Beers

Best Mexican Beer

Most of us think of hot tropical beaches, margaritas, tacos, and mariachis when we think of Mexico, and that’s not incorrect. Wherever you go in Mexico, you’re bound to encounter hot temperatures and cold beverages. Mexicans have a unique beer culture that is all about refreshing yourself and enjoying the good life. Who can disagree … Read more

Why Do People Like Beer?

Why Do People Like Beer

Beer can be a divisive drink. When people love it, they’re all in. But when they hate it, nothing in the world can convince them to take a sip. Yet, tea lovers might relish a cup of coffee, and wine connoisseurs will enjoy a refreshing cold beer.  If liking both is possible, why do some … Read more

Peanut Butter Beer

Peanut Butter Beer

I love peanut butter. No, I mean love peanut butter! In college, I had a “peanut butter family” in my pantry: six different peanut butter jars of varying sizes and kinds (including maple peanut butter and cinnamon peanut butter).  I really love peanut butter.  Everyone here at Winning-Homebrew loves beer, especially craft beer with new … Read more

The Best Lager Beers

Best Lager Beer

Lagers have to ferment low and slow at cool temperatures to get the best results.  Now is one of the best times to start exploring (and appreciating) what authentic lager can be. The craft beer movement has had a resurgence since the COVID pandemic. American breweries have had more time to produce some of the … Read more