Mead vs. Wine: How Are These Two Liquors Similar?

Mead vs Wine

Mead is certainly enjoying a revival across the United States today. This ancient drink dates back to either Greek culture or earlier Egyptian culture and can now be found on the shelves of most local liquor stores. Some people have even begun brewing mead at home.  It isn’t quite a beer, a cider, or even … Read more

What Is Hard Kombucha? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Hard Kombucha

Hard kombucha is one of the latest boozy trends to hit the market and is loved by those who want a refreshing alcoholic beverage that’s less bloating and seen as a healthier alternative to beer. Often when my wife invites her friends around to one of our beery evenings, I’ll have to call in the … Read more

Why Is Moonshine Illegal? The Reasoning Behind Its Ban

Why Is Moonshine Illegal

In this day and age, when many brew their own wine, beers, ciders, or meads, why is producing your own moonshine — and not just for sale, but for personal consumption, as well — still illegal?  In fact, the federal government fears home-distilling so much that being caught in possession of unregistered stills or other … Read more

Stout vs Porter: What’s the Difference?

Stout Vs Porter

Beer friends who enjoy the odd pint of the “black stuff”  often ask me the difference between a pint of stout and a good old-fashioned pint of porter. While they may both look the same, beer aficionados (or beer nerds as my wife calls them) will argue they are two very different types of beer. … Read more

7 Best Japanese Beers For Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Japanese Beer

Land of the rising sun, I prefer to call Japan land of the rising craft beers. From Belgian-style saisons to Hoppy IPAs with the occasional Porter thrown in, more Japanese beer brands are available in the US than ever before. In recent years, Japanese beer styles have seen an explosion similar to the American craft … Read more

Is Mead Gluten Free? Everything You Need To Know

Is Mead Gluten Free

If you fall into the estimated 6 – 7% of the US population who suffer from gluten intolerance, you may have already tried a gluten-free beer or two (or three, or four – depending on whether it’s Saturday or not). But is mead gluten-free? You would have thought so, with just honey, water, and yeast … Read more