Propane Burners for Home Brewing

This page discusses some topics on propane burners that are most often used by homebrewers. There are basically two types of burner but each type has a few variations. Propane Burner Types One type is called a cast iron burner and is the type you would find in the bottom of a water heater. A … Read more

Homebrew Systems, Which One Is Right For You

Homebrew Systems So many homebrew systems and not enough good information on how to choose one. If you are like most new brewers, you want to get your brewing equipment now and start making beer as soon as possible. I had 20 years of winemaking experience and had acquired most of the equipment that I … Read more

RIMS System – Recirculating Infusion Mash System

My RIMS SystemRecirculating Infusion Mash System I’ve finally begun the DIY build on my RIMS System. For those not familiar with this system, (Recirculating Infusion Mash System),click here to learn all about Recirculating Infusion Mash Systems. First of all, I didn’t design the stand, I bought it from someone in Pensacola, Florida that was getting … Read more

Using Your Beer Refractometer Brix

Another instrument that is popular with many homebrewers is the beer refractometer. It instantly reads gravity, in °Brix, of unfermented wort or fruit juice by measuring the degree that light passing through the sample is bent. Unlike a hydrometer, only a few drops are required for a sample. To use, apply 2-3 drops to the … Read more

RIMS Build Page 4

RIMS Build Page 4 Here is my RIMS Build page 4, almost done!  I’ve gotten a lot done since I posted the last page. Here are some of the things I’ve finished: Wiring the Ignition Modules to the gas valves. Running the gas lines from the gas valves to the burners, and I figured out … Read more

RIMS Plumbing Schematic

RIMS Plumbing Schematic This is my RIMS Plumbing Schematic. I didn’t have anything to go by when I designed my system, so maybe some of you will find this helpful. The plumbing is done in all 1/2″ OD stainless tubing with Swagelok or “Swagelok Type” fittings. The valves are marked with bold “X’s”. After looking … Read more

Brew Room – My DIY Project

Above is a picture of my new brew room. It’s actually a brew “house” since it is 60’x14′ with an 8′ front porch.  I bought the building special order from a friend.  He delivered it and did a great job setting it up.  He is truly one of those “old school craftsmen”.  What you can’t … Read more

Homebrew Stir Plate, a Must-Have for Yeast Starters

To be honest, a stir plate is one of the most important pieces of homebrewing equipment you can invest in, along with a 5000 ml borosilicate flask.  The erlenmeyer flask doesn’t have to be that big, but when you start making high gravity beers, such as barleywines, wheat wines, etc., you really need a huge … Read more