Stout vs Porter: What’s the Difference?

Stout Vs Porter

Beer friends who enjoy the odd pint of the “black stuff”  often ask me the difference between a pint of stout and a good old-fashioned pint of porter. While they may both look the same, beer aficionados (or beer nerds as my wife calls them) will argue they are two very different types of beer. … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Draft And Bottled Beer?

Difference Between Draft And Bottled Beer

Have you recently become interested in beer or been a longtime lover of the beverage who’s now curious about the difference between draft beer and bottled beer? Whichever might be the case, there is a lot of information about the two types of beer floating around online, and searching through it all can be tiresome. … Read more

Beer Color: Identifying What Determines It

Beer Color

It takes a curious mind to have browsed this topic, or you have to complete some research about the color of beer. Either way, it is quite intriguing how beers develop their colors. Several variables contribute to beer color. In this article, we highlight and explain these factors.  Beer coloration is the subject of a … Read more

Can You Drink Expired Beer?

Can You Drink Expired Beer

A common question among beer enthusiasts is whether beer expires. The answer to this query is no. Beer doesn’t expire. Although most beers have an expiry label, beer doesn’t entirely go bad after its expiry date. But can you drink expired beer without risking your health? Is It Safe to Drink Expired Beer? It is … Read more

Why Do People Like Beer?

Why Do People Like Beer

Beer can be a divisive drink. When people love it, they’re all in. But when they hate it, nothing in the world can convince them to take a sip. Yet, tea lovers might relish a cup of coffee, and wine connoisseurs will enjoy a refreshing cold beer.  If liking both is possible, why do some … Read more

Peanut Butter Beer

Peanut Butter Beer

I love peanut butter. No, I mean love peanut butter! In college, I had a “peanut butter family” in my pantry: six different peanut butter jars of varying sizes and kinds (including maple peanut butter and cinnamon peanut butter).  I really love peanut butter.  Everyone here at Winning-Homebrew loves beer, especially craft beer with new … Read more

The Strongest Beer In The World

Strongest Beer In The World

Beer is one of the most popular and oldest drinks known to man, dating back to the 5th millennium in Iran. There are records of beer in historical documents from ancient Egypt. If you are reading this, you’re a beer lover, like us. The stronger the beer, the better. If you are looking for a … Read more

Cold Crashing Beer

Cold Crashing Beer

Your home-brewed beer may taste delightful, and it may indeed make you feel proud, but it has a hazy appearance. Maybe you’ve never given it a second thought because it’s all about the taste, right? But then again, perhaps you’ve felt like you’re doing something wrong, questioning every step of the process. How come your … Read more

Beer Foam

Beer Foam

A glass of beer without a noticeable head of foam just looks wrong to craft beer fans. But have you ever wondered why those frothy bubbles are such an important component of the brews you love? This post will reveal the basics of beer foam and show you how foam makes a big difference in … Read more