The Strongest Beer In The World

Strongest Beer In The World

Beer is one of the most popular and oldest drinks known to man, dating back to the 5th millennium in Iran. There are records of beer in historical documents from ancient Egypt. If you are reading this, you’re a beer lover, like us. The stronger the beer, the better. If you are looking for a … Read more

Cold Crashing Beer

Cold Crashing Beer

Your home-brewed beer may taste delightful, and it may indeed make you feel proud, but it has a hazy appearance. Maybe you’ve never given it a second thought because it’s all about the taste, right? But then again, perhaps you’ve felt like you’re doing something wrong, questioning every step of the process. How come your … Read more

Beer Foam

Beer Foam

A glass of beer without a noticeable head of foam just looks wrong to craft beer fans. But have you ever wondered why those frothy bubbles are such an important component of the brews you love? This post will reveal the basics of beer foam and show you how foam makes a big difference in … Read more



Roggenbier, or rye beer, is a Bavarian beer style currently enjoying a resurgence in widespread awareness. In the Middle Ages, a nobleman decided to prohibit the use of rye in brewing, relegating it to obscurity. But a change in European law and an increasing interest in craft and exotic beers among independent craft brewers have … Read more

Kolsch Style Beer

Kolsh Style Beer

Kolsch-style beer became popular when top-fermenting beer makers tried to compete with the bottom-fermenting beer market in Cologne, Germany. You can enjoy this crisp, bubbly, light, delicious beer in the summer heat.  You serve Kolsch in tall, thin glasses known as stange or rods. Officially Kolsch style beer has to be made in the Cologne … Read more

How Long Does Beer Last In The Fridge?

How Long Does Beer Last In The Fridge

You’ve made your best batch of home-brewed craft beer – a rich milk stout or maybe a hoppy IPA – bottled it and stored it to enjoy later. But will you?  Even the best beer can go bad when it goes past its prime. Storing it at the wrong temperature can shorten its shelf life. … Read more

Difference Between Dark Beer and Light Beer

When five o’clock rolls around after a long, hard day of work, nothing sounds quite as good as heading home and cracking open a cold one. After all, you’ve earned it.  But when you get to your fridge, which do you reach for: a pale ale or a stout? Do you even know what those … Read more

Pale Ale vs. IPA: What’s the Difference?

There are hundreds of craft beer styles you can find at breweries and in the local liquor store. You can tell the difference between a stout and a sour, but there are craft beer styles that taste and look very similar.  If you’re not a beer enthusiast, chances are you don’t know the difference between … Read more

Imperial Stout vs Stout Beers | What’s the difference?

A picture of dark beer in a glass. Text reads imperial stout vs stout beers, what's the difference?

Renowned for being some of the strongest beers, stouts are complex brews, often appreciated by only the most daring beer enthusiasts.  However, there are many sides to this mysterious lord of beers. And surprisingly, it isn’t always as dark and alcohol-heavy as people make it out to be.  Stouts come in many varieties, ranging from … Read more