Best Beer Batter

I got this out of a Cooks Illustrated Cookbook a while back. It’s the best Beer Batter I’ve tried. I like a flavorful lager, like Brooklyn Brewing Company’s Brooklyn Lager, or a good Mexican lager, like Pacifico in this batter. Here is the recipe: 1.5 cups all purpose flour .5 cup cornstarch .5 tsp paprika … Read more

2008 BJCP Style Guidelines 7A – Northern German Altbier

NOTE:  In the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines, Northern German Altbier no longer exists as a separate style.  Both Altbiers, Northern German and Dusseldorf have been combined into one Style 7B in Category 7 Amber Bitter European Beer which groups amber-colored, evenly balanced to bitter balanced beers of German or Austrian origin. Use the information below as reference only and … Read more

2008 BJCP Style Guidelines 14C – Imperial IPA (India Pale Ale)

NOTE: In the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines, Imperial IPA is now designated as Style 22A Double IPA in Category 22 Strong American Ale which includes modern American strong ales with a varying balance of malt and hops. The category is defined mostly by alcohol strength and a lack of roast. The information below is still valid, but if you are … Read more

174 Humorous Beer Quotes and “Normisms”

Here are some great humorous beer quotes I gathered from all over the internet. There are a few quotes dealing with liquor in general, but most are about beer. At the bottom are quotes called “Normisms”.  These sayings are from Norm from the old hit sitcom “Cheers!”… Enjoy! 1. “…there is only one game at the … Read more

Join Your Local Homebrew Club

Are you just beginning to homebrew? Joining your local homebrew club is probably the single most important step you can take toward making really great beer. Let’s face it, unless you know how to assimilate a lot of information from a lot of varied sources, you will be all alone in your homebrewing endeavors. You … Read more

Beer Labels

Beer labels are a unique and personal way of showing off your hard work and keeping track of your beer, mead and wine bottles. Are you proud of your homebrewed beer, mead or wine? Do you have so many bottles of beer that it is hard to keep track of them all? I’ve always made … Read more

Beer and Food, Who Needs Wine Anyway?

Beer and Food, a Match Made in Heaven! Beer and food, it’s been a mainstay for the average American for years. Weekend BBQ and beer, what could be better? What about a hot steaming bowl of Texas Red Chili with an ice cold beer? There are many other combinations in other parts of the country, … Read more

Brewing Books You Should Own

Here are a few of the most important brewing books on homebrewing. Most are on the recommended reading list for the BJCP Exam. Click the pictures to purchase at Go From Beer Books Back to Home Page If you find this site helpful, please link to us!

Beer and Brewing Links

Homebrewing Beer Links You Should Check Out Below are a list of beer links to my favorite sites. These websites are some of the best on the web for beer, wine, and mead-related gifts, supplies and information. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did. LabelValue.comprovides a library of information about custom beer labels including … Read more

What is Rich Site Summary (RSS)

What is RSS? RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a technology used by millions of internet users to deliver their favorite web content and keep track of their favorite websites.  In the early days of the internet, to keep track of your favorite websites, you had to bookmark them and then check back frequently to see … Read more