How To Carbonate Cider With Sugar

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of cider on a warm evening. It tastes even better when you have brewed it yourself, using your own finely tuned recipe.  Although making cider is a fairly straightforward process, there are several decisions to make along the way. The most important decisions relate to the blend … Read more

How To Refill A Keg Yourself

Nothing says “party” quite like a full keg. Long a staple of rowdy backyard parties, and even longer a critical element to any serious home bar setup, the keg allows an efficient means of storing and distributing large amounts of beer without wasting bottles or losing freshness. Few people make the leap into keeping and … Read more

what does a hops plant look like?

The hops plant, also known as Humulus lupulus, is a versatile and attractive plant. You may have heard the name already. It sounds familiar because it is the main ingredient for the brewing of ale.  When we talk about hops, what we’re referring to are the flowers of the hop plant. These flowers can embitter, … Read more

Priming Sugar Or Carbonation Drops?

Bottling is one of the most exciting parts of home brewing. It is one of the last stages and the day when your wort starts to look like a drinkable product. You know that you will be enjoying a delicious beer within a few weeks after bottling is completed. However, there is one critical step … Read more

How Do you Fix Foamy Beer From a Kegerator?

A picture of beer being poured into a glass with text that reads how do you fix foamy beer from a kegerator

The are many fantastic benefits gained by serving your home brew from a Kegerator. For starters, using a kegerator makes it simple to store beer at the perfect temperature, ensuring your brew is delicious every time. There are also significant cost savings as you don’t have to buy bottles or spend time cleaning them. Although … Read more

Fermentor VS Fermenter: What’s the Difference?

A picture of homebrew fermenting. Text reads fermentor vs fermenter.

Home brewing can be an addictive past time. The process of beer making is fascinating and experimenting with different recipes in an effort to find the “perfect brew” is very enjoyable. Of course, home brewing can also be frustration at times, particularly if a brew goes bad due to incorrect measurements, poor ingredients, or temperature … Read more

Can You Make Beer With Bread Yeast?

All you homebrewers out there know how rewarding it is to craft your very own homebrews. Sitting back and popping open a bottle of your creation is leagues above drinking a beer you bought at the supermarket.  Once the brewing bug bites you, it’s hard to focus on anything else. You may find yourself thinking … Read more

Pairing Beer and Food

Pairing beer and food is a hot topic in gastronomic circles these days. Everyone knows a little about pairing food with wine and rules like, “red wine goes with red meat” and “white wine goes with fish” are relevant for beer as well. To understand the connection between beer and wine, you must understand the … Read more