How To Make Alcoholic Ginger Beer

How To Make Alcoholic Ginger Beer

So you’ve got a taste for home brewing your beer, and now you want to take a crack at learning how to make an alcoholic version of ginger beer. Cue the drool because it’s so yummy! The best thing about making your own ginger beer isn’t just the taste; it’s actually really good for your … Read more

Christmas Ale Recipe

Christmas Ale Recipe

What’s your favorite part of a Christmas ale? Is it the spicy flavors and aromas? The high alcohol content? For me, my favorite part is how I don’t have to wait until winter to brew it! I’ve got a Christmas ale recipe you’re sure to love. It’s delicious, authentic, and easy to make. Are you … Read more

Pairing Beer and Food

Pairing beer and food is a hot topic in gastronomic circles these days. Everyone knows a little about pairing food with wine and rules like, “red wine goes with red meat” and “white wine goes with fish” are relevant for beer as well. To understand the connection between beer and wine, you must understand the … Read more

Beer and Chocolate

Beer and chocolate pairings? You may have heard about pairing red wine and chocolate. It can be a very nice combination if you can find the right red wine. But what about pairing chocolate with beer? It can be a gastronomic delight! Pairing with beer instead of wine There are so many variations of a … Read more

Beer Recipes and How to Formulate Them

Formulate Your Own Homebrew Beer Recipes The Basics of Beer Recipe Formulation Before you can build your own homebrew beer recipes, you must know what kind of beer want to brew. If you have made the style before, or tasted the style before you’re on the right track. To formulate a beer recipe you must know … Read more

Recipe Database of Homebrew Beer Recipes From Brewing Classic Styles

Brewing Classic Styles Recipe Database Finally, a beer recipe database (or more precisely a “beer recipe ingredient database”) for the book, Brewing Classic Stylesby Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer. If you are like me you have read the book cover to cover and have brewed numerous recipes from its award-winning collection. Here’s what is said about the … Read more

Specific Gravity To Brix Conversion Table

Download the Specific Gravty to Birx Conversion Table in .pdf format here.    Degrees Brix (°Bx) is the sugar content of an aqueous solution. One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution and represents the strength of the solution as percentage by mass.  Brix tells us the dissolved solids (percentage mass of solute to solution – … Read more

Do Beer Calories Cause “Beer Belly”?

  Beer calories are infamous for their effects on your belly. But, studies have shown that drinking beer is not the cause of a “beer belly”. The calories in beer are just like calories in other foods and drinks. The problem is that people often drink beer excessively and/or irresponsibly. Drinking beer often involves eating … Read more

Degrees Plato to Specific Gravity Conversion

  The purpose of this article is to provide the basics of how to convert degrees Plato to specific gravity. Why would you want to? Many brewers use degrees Plato to describe a wort’s percent extract by weight and many recipes will give the original gravity and final gravity in degrees Plato. So, if you … Read more