Noble Hops

Noble Hops

If you’re new to home brewing, you might be overwhelmed by all the hops varieties available. Each type produces a brew with different characteristics, so it’s essential to find the hops that will brew the perfect homebrew of your dreams. Noble hops are one of the many types out there. Each has various characteristics and … Read more

Hops Reference Page, Everything You Need to Know

Beer Hops Reference Guide For The Homebrewer Hops (Humulus Lupulus), apart from balancing the sweetness of the malts and other sugars in your beer through bitterness, impart aroma and flavor and inhibit the growth of bacteria in wort and beer.  Hops is considered by many to be an herb.  Brewing is not the only thing … Read more

Dry Hopping Tips and Techniques to Get a Burst of Hop Aroma in Your Beer

Dry Hopping Tips and Techniques Dry Hopping Overview Dry hopping most likely originated in England where brewers would add hop plugs just before shipping out the casks of beer to their customers. The beer would arrive with wonderful hop aromas that the brewers just couldn’t get from kettle hop additions.  Most hops are added during … Read more