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Dry Hopping Tips and Techniques to Get a Burst of Hop Aroma in Your Beer

Dry Hopping Tips and Techniques Dry Hopping Overview Dry hopping most likely originated in England where brewers would add hop plugs just before shipping out the casks of beer to their customers. The beer would arrive with wonderful hop aromas that the brewers just couldn’t get from kettle hop additions.  Most hops are added during … Read more

Yeast Viability Testing

Yeast Viability and vitality are related, but they are not the same. Yeast batches can be found with high levels of dead cells that still show very high fermentation performance (vitality, e.g., often with batches from fermentations with higher temperatures), as well as batches with very high viability but with very poor fermentation performance (e.g., storage … Read more

Washing Yeast for Reuse

Washing yeast makes sense to most homebrewers. Yeast is one of the most important ingredients in your beer, and sometimes one of the most expensive. If you must purchase a new packet or vial of yeast for each beer you make it gets expensive. One way to reduce costs is to reuse your yeast. If … Read more