How Many Beers Are in a Mini Keg?

How Many Beers Are In A Mini Keg

There is nothing quite as frustrating for beer lovers as buying a keg only to find out there isn’t enough beer to satisfy your needs. Conversely, buying too large a keg means you have leftover beer that you don’t know what to do with and that allows your draft beer to go flat in a … Read more

What Is Draft Beer

What Is Draft Beer

If you have ever ordered a beer at a bar or been around beer enthusiasts for long, you have likely heard the term draft beer, or draught beer, being thrown around. Draft beer is cold, crisp, and perfectly coated with a layer of foam, making it a beer lover’s go-to option. But what exactly is … Read more

Keezer Build

keezer build

The idea of enjoying their favorite beer on tap at home is a dream come true for beer enthusiasts. Once you enjoy the fresh taste of brew on tap, you’ll never settle for less. A keezer build is a fun way to create a unique keg refrigerator or keezer to enjoy your favorite brews with … Read more

How To Refill A Keg Yourself

Nothing says “party” quite like a full keg. Long a staple of rowdy backyard parties, and even longer a critical element to any serious home bar setup, the keg allows an efficient means of storing and distributing large amounts of beer without wasting bottles or losing freshness. Few people make the leap into keeping and … Read more

How Do you Fix Foamy Beer From a Kegerator?

A picture of beer being poured into a glass with text that reads how do you fix foamy beer from a kegerator

The are many fantastic benefits gained by serving your home brew from a Kegerator. For starters, using a kegerator makes it simple to store beer at the perfect temperature, ensuring your brew is delicious every time. There are also significant cost savings as you don’t have to buy bottles or spend time cleaning them. Although … Read more

Discover The Joys of Kegging

I have written quite a bit about the joys of kegging on this website. I found this article invaluable when I first started kegging myself, so I asked the owner of Brewing Techniques’ archives for permission to reprint it here to help you with some of the more complicated kegging issues. Some of the material … Read more

Homebrew Kegging System That Makes Packaging Your Homebrew Beer a Breeze

Homebrew Kegging Systems Make Packaging Your Beer a Breeze Homebrew Kegging is such a convenient way of packaging, conditioning and dispensing your home made beer that all homebrewers contemplate switching over from bottling pretty quickly. I bottled three five-gallon batches before I had enough of that fun. Sure it costs a bit to get started, but … Read more

Cleaning Your Kegs is a job no one likes, but must be done. Learn how here.

Cleaning Your Kegs-Procedure: Cleaning your kegs is easy. When your used kegs arrive, they will probably have soda residue or concentrate still inside. Drain and scrub the inside of the tank, don’t worry about scratching it. Add a gallon of hot water (100-160°F or 38-71°C) with 2 oz of PBW, (Powdered Brewer’s Wash) or equivalent … Read more

Dispensing Your Beer

Dispensing your beer with a properly balanced draft system is a delight. By “properly balanced” I mean dispensing your beer without getting a glass full of foam, or a glass full of flat beer. To understand what balance is, consider the components of a draft system. The keg is under the amount of pressure which … Read more