The Starch Conversion Test for Mash Conversion

  Starch Conversion Test   Starch conversion is done by the enzymes in your malted grains. Your goal is to get 100% mash conversion. How long should you mash? Most single infusion mashes are run for 60 minutes, but you’ll see some recipes calling for 45 minutes and some calling for 90 minutes. Which is right? … Read more

The Forced Fermentation Test Determines Correct Final Gravity

A forced fermentation test is a good tool for those homebrewers who are having some trouble hitting their final gravity after fermenting their beer. This test may be performed by any brewer with or without a lab that wants to check the fermentability of their worts. It is a very simple and very effective test … Read more

Testing your beer – What You Need To Know.

Testing your beer should be part of your brewing process. Why? Because repeatability throughout the brewing process is the key to brewing consistent high quality homebrewed beer. There are several tests which you should be doing. These include water analysis and treatment, mash pH, starch conversion, specific gravities, instrument calibration, and yeast viability. Water Analysis Of … Read more

How to Use a Hydrometer

A hydrometer is perhaps the most essential piece of measuring & testing equipment in any home brewery. Used it at every stage of brewing to keep up with the health and progress of your homebrew.     Many hydrometers (from features three scales–specific gravity, potential alcohol and brix–and is handy for both brewing and winemaking. It measures … Read more