Is Mead Gluten Free? Everything You Need To Know

Is Mead Gluten Free

If you fall into the estimated 6 – 7% of the US population who suffer from gluten intolerance, you may have already tried a gluten-free beer or two (or three, or four – depending on whether it’s Saturday or not). But is mead gluten-free? You would have thought so, with just honey, water, and yeast … Read more

Mead vs. Beer: What’s The Difference?

Mead vs. Beer

Mead, or the “nectar of the gods,” as the Ancient Greeks used to call it, has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years. Just take a look at the beer and wine aisles of your local hypermarket and you’ll notice the ever-growing mead section. But is it a beer or a … Read more

How To Carbonate Mead

How To Carbonate Mead

On a hot summer afternoon, all I want to do is sit on my back porch with a full glass of sweet, sparkling mead. If you’re not familiar with how to carbonate mead, trust me, it’s well worth the effort. In fact, the brewing process for a carbonated mead isn’t all that different. Carbonated mead … Read more

How To Back Sweeten Mead

How To Back Sweeten Mead

Homemade mead may be the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world but back sweetening your mead lets you put your very own twist on this age-old drink. The process of back sweetening allows you to sweeten your newly made batch of mead just before you bottle it. Practice and a bit of time will have … Read more

Making Metheglins-Adding Spices To Meads

Metheglins have probably been around almost as long as traditional meads. By definition metheglins are traditional meads made with herbs and/or spices for flavoring, preserving, medicinal, or other purposes. I imagine that the first meads being naturally fermented might have tasted like a honey solvent. Purchase your mead making kits and supplies at It … Read more

Making Melomels – How to Make the Best Fruit Mead

Purchase Mead Making Honey, Yeasts, Kits and More at Melomels are meads made using honey and fruit. Why were fruits added to honeywine? Probably several reasons, to preserve the fruit harvest, to add fermentables to the mead thus increasing the alcohol (honey was a luxury in those days), to flavor the mead or possibly, in … Read more

How to Make Mead at Home

  Making mead is more like making wine than brewing. If you’ve never made wine before, the processes will seem a little strange at first. The whole affair is over in about an hour, but not to worry, there’s still lots to do and it won’t be finished for a long time. Mead definition: An … Read more