How To Store Moonshine

How To Store Moonshine

Recently, I attended a wedding in North Carolina where the hosts gave a small jug of moonshine to all attendees. Impressed by the “shine’s” smooth taste (and potency), I immediately began researching how to make the infamous liquor myself upon arriving back home. Initially created in the late 19th century by poor farmers who struggled to … Read more

How To Make Moonshine

How To Make Moonshine

DISCLAIMER: Making moonshine without a liquor distiller’s license is illegal in most countries and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. The side effects of drinking poorly-made moonshine include permanent blindness, respiratory paralysis, and death. Please use discretion. Moonshine is as old as it is infamous. From the rum runners of the 1700s to the tales … Read more

How To Make A Moonshine Still

How To Make A Moonshine Still

By now, you’ve probably learned a few interesting facts about moonshine and have a solid understanding of what moonshine is, how it’s made, and where it’s legal to drink. When I think of the word “still,” I can’t help but think of Granny Clampett and her jug marked “XXX” from the 1960s TV comedy The … Read more

History of moonshine in Appalachia

Moonshine. Hootch. White Lightning. Mountain dew. Whatever you call it, the home-brewed alcoholic beverage has a long and storied history in the United States. Nowhere is that history more colorful than in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of the eastern U.S.  So how and why did moonshining start? Why did the industry thrive in Appalachia? It’s … Read more

11 Legal Moonshines in the United States

Throughout American history, moonshine has held a pretty prominent place for liquor fans and connoisseurs. From the bootleggers during the Prohibition era to the famous “Moonshiners” today, this form of homemade, distilled alcohol has been a go-to drink for countless people for years.  It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact definition for what moonshine is; the … Read more

Best Moonshine Still for Beginners: 5 Solid Options

Making moonshine is a fun hobby that delivers an extremely rewarding bonus —  delicious moonshine that you can enjoy with friends and family. However, before you begin your journey as a moonshiner, you need to purchase yourself a decent still. In this guide, I’ll be sharing some tips for choosing a still before listing 5 … Read more

22 Interesting Facts About Moonshine That You Want to Know

Moonshine has earned a unique place in American history. More than your standard run-of-the-mill alcoholic drink, it has come to represent American ingenuity, aversion to authority, and creativity.  The original moonshiners were sneaky, clever, and courageous folk who refused to be told what to do. They created moonshine with whatever they had on hand, including … Read more

Proofing Moonshine: 2 Ways To Tell The Proof Of Your Moonshine

Measuring your moonshine’s proof is one of the most exciting parts of the distillation process. It is when you finally get to discover how strong your moonshine really is. If you manage to reach your target proof, you’ll earn some bragging rights and be able to tell your friends about the strength of your hooch. … Read more

What Is A Thumper Keg and How Does It Work?

If you are interested in increasing the potency of your spirits or making a traditional backwoods moonshine, then you should grab a thumper keg for your still. It is a clever innovation which will increase the potency and purity of your distilled spirits. In this guide, I’ll share everything you need to know about thumper … Read more