Campden Tablets

Campden Tablets

Like most ventures, making your own wine or beer takes practice before the end product can really be enjoyable. Unsuccessful attempts at homebrewing usually result in a very gross, very hard to choke down concoction that would not be out of place in a witch’s cauldron. We know from experience that a terrible batch could … Read more

Mead Facts: Alcohol Content, Taste, and What Is Mead?

Have you ever wondered what ancient Chinese emperors, Irish peasants, Vikings, and Greek philosophers have in common? They all enjoyed drinking mead.  Mead is one of the earliest alcoholic drinks, with a history that stretches back thousands of years. It is a delicate drink with a sweet flavor profile that includes a strong honey taste. … Read more

Fig Wine: How to Make Fresh Fig Wine at Home

Nature’s candy, the sweet, succulent fig, can satisfy any sweet tooth and create various dishes, including fig butter, jam, preserves, salads, flatbread toppings, cookie fillings, and even wine.  That’s right, wine. Much like its sugary cousins, grapes, you can use figs to create the peculiar yet tasty fig wine, and it doesn’t require the intense … Read more