10 Fun Beer Bottle Tree Ideas For Creative Storage

We all love a lovely cooling beer every now and then, but you might not think about the bottle that’s left behind.

Most of us will simply collect them together and then throw them into the recycling, so that they can be made into new bottles for future delicious beers.

However, as undoubtedly positive as that is, there are other great ways to reuse and repurpose your beer bottles.

One of the best ways to reuse your beer bottles is to turn them into decorative trees for your garden.

It’s a wacky and creative way to do a boozy twist on a staple of nature, giving you brightly colored, glass-heavy trees.

However, there are many different ways to do it, and finding the best can take time.

Thankfully, I’ve done the work for you!

In my handy guide below, I’ve collected together 10 of the most fun beer bottle tree ideas that will allow you to creatively store your old beer bottles and turn them into something new and exciting.

Read on and get crafting!

10 Fun Beer Bottle Tree Ideas For Creative Storage

In my list below, I’m going to look at a wide variety of different types of beer bottle tree ideas.

Whatever your design tastes, there’s bound to be something you’ll love in the list, and they should all be easy and fun to craft.

The Classic Bottle Beer Tree

I’m going to begin the list of beer bottle tree ideas with the classic one.

This is exactly as you might picture it when you think of a tree touched up with beer bottles, a wonderful mix of nature and man-made materials all living in fun harmony.

The bottles are emptied, washed out, and dried before being placed onto the naked branches of a real tree.

The more branches, the better, since you’ll be able to fit more bottles on. With each branch angled upwards, the bottle will easily stay on when you place it.

One of the best things about this classic beer bottle tree is how easy it is. All you’ll need is a small tree by your house and a collection of beer bottles.

Unlike some other beer bottle trees, you won’t have to make the tree structure yourself, because this is completely authentic and natural instead.

If you’ve got a dead tree, it’s an even better way to bring it back to life.

Speaking of life, you should mix together a whole range of differently colored empty beer bottles in order to make the bottle tree as full of life and color as possible.

For example, a mixture of green, blue, and orange bottles will really make the tree vibrant.

Beer Bottle Tree With A Homemade Trunk And Branches

This is the more man-made version of the classic beer bottle tree.

While with the previous one, you were using a real tree, this one uses a wooden trunk and branches that you create and put together yourself.

Wood obviously comes from trees anyway, but that just makes this project even neater – it’s a collaboration between you and nature!

To make it, you’ll want to get a long wooden post for the trunk, then dig a hole in the ground for that post.

A simple piece of wood like that should be easy to get or cut into shape, and forms most of the tree.

After that, it’s a case of making the “branches”. You’ll want long, thin pieces of material that can hold the small weight of a bottle.

Rebar is a good pick, which can be inserted into the wooden post trunk.

The big benefit with this beer bottle tree is that you can customize it to suit you, putting the branches wherever you want them, and adding as many as you want.

If you online have a few beer bottles or want a minimalist tree, you can simply only add a few branches.

On the other hand, you might want to add lots of branches for lots of old beer bottles.

If you only have a few bottles now, you might want to add plenty of branches anyway. That way, you can add more bottles as time goes by.

This will even add an extra element of fun whenever you drink a new beer, because you know it’ll be going towards something lasting and decorative!

Mini Beer Bottle Tree

If you want a bottle tree that’s a little smaller, perhaps because you have a smaller garden or you don’t want it taking up too much, then a mini beer bottle tree is the way to go.

These will only hold a few of your old beer bottles, but they’ll be a great addition to your garden.

Better yet, you can put the mini tree on a table, so that you can sit and eat around your fun decoration.

If you want to make one out of metal, then it’s going to be a little more complicated than the previous trees I’ve looked at.

You’ll need a wide metal base to hold it all, and a few long metal branches to sprout out of it, holding the bottles.

If you’re not too good with DIY, you can always buy the metal parts already-constructed from a specialty seller. Additionally, you can get a professional to help you.

Alternatively, you could simply make it out a wooden post like the previous tree – only make the post and the rebar branches a lot smaller.

Whatever you pick, it’s up to you. Either way, you’ll be left with a great little beer bottle tree decoration that’s sure to get people talking.

Fantastical Beer Bottle Tree

A tree covered in beer bottles is already something quite uncanny and unnatural looking, but there’s at least a little recognizable reality to it.

These fantastical beer bottle trees? Not so much! However, that’s the brilliant thing about them.

These fantastical beer bottle trees aren’t much more complex than previous ones, but they’ll certainly stand out more.

The most unique aspect is white tips – each bottle has had its bottom painted white. These make it look otherworldly and vibrant.

Layered Beer Bottle Tree

This brilliant beer bottle tree idea looks like a layered tree full of leaves (or bottles!), something like a pine tree.

The bottles are all layered over one another, going down in rows where each bottle is angled downwards.

As a result, you can’t see the branches or trunk at all. This makes the tree stand out a lot more, because it looks like it’s entirely made out of bottles.

For an added bonus, use bottles with a striking color, and keep to just one color for a greater impact.

Beer Bottle Christmas Tree

Similar to the pine tree before, this beer bottle Christmas tree uses a slightly different design.

Each bottle is angled towards you, being horizontal. This makes it almost look like a 2D Lego tree – which is cool!

Better yet, the tree allows you to put fairy lights or other string lighting in some of the bottles.

This way, the tree lights up, making it an absolutely perfect idea for the cozy festive period.

Beer Bottle Wire Tree

This stunning design is extremely artistic, with a long trunk made up of a handful of spindly, wire-like metal.

Better yet, when it gets to the top of the tree, all the branches become loopy and curvy, giving the tree a trippy feel.

Add to that plenty of beer bottles of different colors, and this is a crazy and stylish idea for a beer bottle tree. Not to mention, extremely fun!

Beer Bottle Bush

It may not quite be a tree, but it’s very similar.

On top of that, you can surround one of the other beer bottle trees I’ve listed with a few of these tiny beer bottle bushes at its foot – it’ll give you new meaning to the term “beer garden”!

This is extremely simple too. All you’ll need are some thin metal wires firmly planted into the ground to act as branches.

For extra effectiveness, bury them inside an actual flower bush, so they look even more like a part of nature.

Curvy Beer Bottle Tree

This minimalistic tree uses a curvy piece of metal as its trunk, with smaller curby branches coming off it for the bottles.

It’s simple and effective, as well as extremely trendy-looking.

Glowing Beer Bottle Tree

This hypnotic beer bottle tree idea is a great way to give your garden some character, while making your bottles look spooky and cool too – perfect for Halloween!

It may take a bit of electrical know-how, but the final result is more than worth it.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your taste, there’s bound to be a fun beer bottle tree idea above that you love.

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