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My name is Bobby Don Johnson, aka. Mob Barley, and I brew in Baldwin, Louisiana, a small community in St. Mary Parish on the Bayou Teche. My home brewery is called “Mob Barley’s Brewery”.

The reason for writing this website is to consolidate the huge amount of technical brewing information from the best sources in the brewing industry into one website.  Hopefully this will make it easier to find the information you are looking for without spending hours online.  I was lucky enough to find a hosting site that made it really easy to write this website without any technical knowledge whatsoever.  For those who might have similar passions and would like to make some extra income, check out this YouTube Video.

I have a large brewing library and I’ve read most of the books on homebrewing beer (and wine and mead for that matter), so I have a lot of resources to draw upon. I hope to present what I’ve learned in a manner you will enjoy reading while researching your brewing questions. I say let’s all learn to make better beer, everyone benefits in the long run (I may be drinking your beer when you turn pro.)

If you are a competitive person, entering homebrew competitions can be a lot of fun,. I try to enter homebrew competitions so that I can gauge my progress or get feedback on a specific recipe. Plus it gives me a little credibility as the author of a homebrewing site. I’ve been lucky enough to win some national awards recently and some Best of Shows as well.  

MCAB 2008 BOS Winners

2013 was my third year as a qualifying brewer in the Master’s Championship of Amateur Brewing (in 2008 I won Second Runner Up for Best of Show in Strong Ale with my American Barleywine). One thing about homebrewing is that you will never know everything (well Jamil
Zainasheff and Gordon Strong have come pretty close), so I’ll continue entering homebrew competitions and learning from the feedback to improve my processes and recipes.

I hope you enjoy the site and like the information I’ve presented. I would appreciate it if you would help me keep the site active by clicking on the affiliate links and purchasing something from them. I make a small commission that I use to keep the site going. If you like what you see, please subscribe to the RSS Blog entitled “Mob Barley’s Homebrew Blog” by clicking the RSS feed button at the top of the left column on every page.  You will be able to keep track of new pages and changes to existing pages without having to log on and search the site. Kinda cool if you ask me. Cheers!

About David Healey

David Healey

As my career started taking me around the world, I encountered the craft beer scenes of many different countries in the Far East and Europe, often meeting with the brewers to gain tips for my own craft. In Cambodia, I even worked for a smaller brewery for a summer and in Ukraine was actively involved in a brewpub project.
Now I find myself living in Egypt, a barren wasteland of beers, where brewing your own beer is the only option for a good beer.  Fortunately, I have my good buddies from the USA on the local military camp who can assist with acquiring the malts and hops, all in return for a few pints of the amber nectar. Who knows, one day we may even get a craft beer scene going in Egypt….I won’t hold my breath though!”

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