13 Beer Ice Cream Recipes That Are Perfect For Summer

Ice cream is practically THE symbol of summer. Nothing says summer sun and heat quite like a few scoops of this frozen dessert in a bowl, or a cone of some kind.

Nothing, except maybe a cold summer beer!

And will two such popular ingredients, it was only a matter of time before I started seeing these summer favorites fused into one delicious, slightly boozy, a recipe for you to enjoy in the summer months.

So, if you’re looking to cool down whilst enjoying your favorite beverage at the same time, here are some of our favorite beer ice cream recipes that I could find!

Guinness Beer Ice Cream Recipe

Starting off our list of these deliciously boozy recipes with perhaps the most famous beer in the world, we have an incredible Guinness-flavored ice cream recipe.

Guinness is well-known for its thick texture beer already, even without adding ice cream into the mix.

So, you can imagine how well a combination of the whipping cream, whole milk, sugar, and Ireland’s favorite booze of choice will taste when mixed!

The smoky flavor of the beer, coupled with a little sweetness, creates an almost chocolaty flavor when eaten fresh, making an ice cream that is more than the sum of its parts.

If you want to try something a little different for your next St.Patrick’s Day, this is the perfect dessert to celebrate it with!

Beer Ice Cream

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy good beer-flavored ice cream outside a one-day celebration.

As you’ll see with this next beer ice cream recipe, these dishes are the perfect way to cap off an amazing grill-out meal.

After all, once you’ve eaten your hot dogs and burgers, and finished off the last slice of steak, how exactly do you finish the perfect summer meal?

The answer was, is, and always will be, ice cream, of course! 

The exact flavor of the ice cream will vary depending on the type of beer that you end up adding, which allows you plenty of customization for your flavors.

Use your all-time favorite beer, or maybe see if you can salvage one you don’t like with this frozen dessert!

The choice is yours!

Chocolate Chile Beer Ice Cream Recipe

One of the funny things about adding beer to your ice cream recipe is that it allows you to add so many other complementary flavors that otherwise may have seemed far-fetched.

Take this ancho chile pepper and beer ice cream recipe, for example.

The former is an ingredient that many people may be hesitant to add to their ice cream.

But once you combine that with the savory flavor of a good beer, suddenly that extra punch of dry heat doesn’t look so outlandish!

We would recommend trying out this recipe for yourself, at least once. Add some heat to that cold dessert!

Vegan Root Beer Ice Cream

Of course, ice cream is a much-loved recipe around the world.

But if you’re someone who is, unfortunately, lactose intolerant, or is otherwise vegan, you may find that you’re unable to enjoy the fruits of your ice cream-making labor a lot of the time.

However, with this vegan root beer recipe, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer heat with a cold dessert too!

Using a dairy milk substitute, such as almond, or even coconut, instead of the classic variety, you can create something that is every bit as delicious as its non-vegan counterpart.

And, of course, don’t forget the root beer extract for that extra flavor!

Caramel Beer Ice Cream

Caramel flavoring is an absolute classic when it comes sot ice cream flavors, but it also has just enough savoriness to go amazingly with beer-flavored ice cream too!

The only note that we would make is that this will be a somewhat less sweet flavor of ice cream than other recipes, thanks to the inclusion of the beer in this dish.

However, that also makes it great for people who can’t stand the overbearing sweetness of a good deal of other ice cream recipes.

Plus, cooking down the beer can help with the extra sweetness, if you are dead set on having a sweet cold treat.

Raw Vegan Fruit Beer Ice Cream Float

Okay, TECHNICALLY this isn’t a recipe for beer-flavored ice cream, per se.

However, we will say that this recipe is incredibly easy to make for pretty much anyone to try.

Plus, it takes next to no time at all to make, once you have your ingredients prepared.

Just make sure that your bananas are frozen and chopped, your dates are pitted, and you’ll have the perfect sweet and smooth drink to keep you cool this summer!

Vanilla Beer Ice Cream

We couldn’t have a list of the best beer ice creams to eat in the summer without at least one mention of the king of ice cream flavors!

People seem to forget that vanilla, despite benign so unanimous with ice cream these days, is still a pretty extravagant flavor and ingredient.

This recipe is the perfect way to remind the world (or at least, your dinner table) that this king of spices is not just standard ice cream.

It is an ingredient to be respected, especially seeing as it compliments the flavors of a good beer or ale!

Root Beer-Flavored Ice Cream

Time to get your spoon ready and your mouths wide open. This root beer recipe will be gone before you even realize it!

This is the perfect ice cream to serve to fans of the classic foamy drink that we all know and love. Putting it in ice cream forms simply gives us all a chance to appreciate root beer just that little bit more!

Plus, root beer goes excellently with just a dash of vanilla extract!

Chocolate Stout Ice Cream

Once again, we come to another classic ice cream flavor that everybody loves, but with a twist!

While a lot of chocolate ice cream recipes will often call for lighter chocolate, this one goes in the total opposite direction, instead using dark chocolate as its main flavor.

This leaves you with a slightly sweet, slightly bitter experience that pairs perfectly with a bitter ale or beer for you to use.

And, like with many of the best beer ice cream recipes, you pretty much have free rein as to what flavors or beers you can use in your recipe

Have fun picking just one!

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer Ice Cream

This one is for all the wizards and witches who didn’t get their letters to Hogwarts when they were eleven!

The iconic butterbeer drink from the Harry Potter series has become one of THE go-to nerd recipes for people to make at home, with tons of variety that makes it hard for just one to stick out.

However, if you combine your butterbeer ingredients with a great ice cream recipe, you can mix both of these delicious recipes into one that is going to be different from what everyone else is making!

Pumpkin Beer Ice Cream

Yeah, we’ve got a pumpkin spice recipe on this list.

What about it?

Sure, pumpkin spice has become the new vanilla, especially for many dairy and coffee flavors.

But just because it is popular, doesn’t always mean that it’s boring.

And with this recipe under your belt, combining pumpkin beer with tons of other ingredients, you’ll remember exactly why pumpkin flavor has taken the world by storm in the last 10 years!

Lemon Shandy Beer Ice Cream

Next to ice cream and cold refreshing beer, lemon shandy might be one of the most iconic foods of the hottest time of year. 

What we love about this recipe, in particular, is that it has a crispness that a lot of the other recipes we have covered do not. Then again, with some lemon zest thrown into the mix, how could it not be this refreshing?

You’ll also get to pick your ale of choice with this recipe, meaning that it can be even further tailored to help you cool down in the summer.

If you love the taste of citrus with your desserts, this is a recipe to look out for!

Beer & Pretzel Ice Cream Sundae

Finally, we have an ice cream that combines the sweetness of ice cream, with the slight bitterness of beer, plus the saltiness of classic pretzels.

Combining the best things to eat in a classic bar, this is a great recipe for lovers of savory and sweet flavors rolled together!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, with just a little creativity, and plenty of beer and ingredients, you can make an ice cream flavor, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!

Now get out there, and start cooking!

… Or maybe freezing?

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