Beer Of The Month Club Review

We all love a good, cool beer – but there are admittedly loads to choose from. With thousands of different brands and types, it’s very difficult to know what you’re going to like most.

When there are so many to pick from, there will undoubtedly be ones that you just don’t like, and nothing ruins an evening like a bad beer. So what can you do?

Well, this is where beer clubs come in. They gather together the finest, tried and tested beers available, meaning that you regularly get beers that are guaranteed to be to your liking.

One of the very best beer clubs to take part in is “The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club”.

They excel in picking the very finest craft beers for delivery, finding the ones that work and the ones that don’t, and making sure you only get the good stuff.

But what else do they offer? What can you expect to get with their service?

I’ve got the answers for you! In my handy review below, I’m going to be breaking down all the benefits that you can enjoy when you sign up for The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.

I’ll be looking at the services you get with them, as well as how they ensure their craft beer selection is second to none.

Beer Of The Month Club Review

What Is The Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club?

To begin with, let’s have a look at what The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club actually is and how it came to be.

This well-renowned beer club has been around for over 25 years, which means that they’re definitely going to know their beer.

Better yet, it’s a family-owned business, meaning that it should be run with more consistency and care, because it’s stayed in the same select group for so long.

Consistency really is the name of the game, too, because the club has always been run with the sole principle of delivering a consistently high quality of craft beer to its members.

On top of that, it prides itself on variety too, so that the customers are getting a wide range of different beers – though all remaining to-quality throughout.

Even better, the Beer Of The Month Club prides itself on value too, meaning that you’ll be getting the best beer for the best prices.

The club is also dedicated to being a proper community of beer lovers, rather than some detached and uninvolved organization.

They love to build relationships with their customers, answering customer questions and providing customer service at speedy rates.

If you have a question ever, they’ll help you, because they always want you to be happy with their service.

It’s a proper community where members share their thoughts on their beer shipments with each other, spreading the word to like minded people, and even recommending it to outsiders.

The club aims to grow each member’s interests and get them to explore a wider range of craft beer than they otherwise might, bringing them new and brilliant drinks.

Why Use Them Now?

When The Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club began in 1994, craft beer was popular, but nowhere near as popular as it is now.

Back then, the group would go around America’s biggest beer festivals and sign members up, but nowadays craft beer and the appreciation of a good beer has grown massively – and is continuing to do so.

Now, the club stays at the forefront of the craft beer world, finding the newest and best brews.

How Does The Beer Of The Month Club Work?

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Now that I’ve looked at their history and mission, it’s time to look at how the Beer Of The Month Club works.

Thankfully, it’s very simple, which makes it easy to find the club package that works best to your craft beer tastes. What do I mean by this?

Well, the Beer Of The Month Club presents five different and distinct membership types, each with their own benefits and types of beer. Let’s take a look at them.

The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

With this first package, you’ll get beers from two different craft breweries based in the U.S. If you love a good American beer, then this is the membership package for you.

Better yet, these breweries are lightly distributed, which means that they’re not widely available. These aren’t beers that you’ll just go out and find in stores, so you’re getting something unique here.

From those breweries, there will be (overall) four differing styles of beer.

These are done across twelve bottles (each 12oz). That means that you’ll get three bottles of each beer style, meaning that if you particularly love it, there’ll be more to enjoy!

Additionally, you can really appreciate the beers because each month’s package of twelve comes with tasting notes. Reading these will give you ideas on the tastes to look out for when enjoying one, allowing you to appreciate it more.

On top of that, you’ll also get profiles on the breweries involved, so you can understand where the beer has come from.

The U.S. And International Variety Beer Club

If you want a mix of U.S. brewed beers and some beers brewed overseas, then this is the membership for you. Again, you get four different styles across twelve bottles.

Better still, you get tasting notes to hello you enjoy each to the fullest, and brewery profiles to help you appreciate where they come from.

The Hop-Heads Beer Club

If you’re a fan of a hoppy craft beer, then this is the right package to go for. Hoppy beers include things like IPAs and Double IPAs, Imperial IPLs and Sessional IPLs, and hoppy Pale Ales and Red Ales.

That’s a great range to pick from, and while you won’t get every type each month, you’re sure to get ones you love.

Once again, you get a variety of bottles along with brewery profiles and tasting notes.

The International Beer Club

If you want craft beer that is exclusively from outside the U.S., then this international package is perfect for you. You get two different beer styles, with six bottles of each.

They come from lightly distributed craft breweries in international places, which means that you get some pretty unique choices.

The Rare Beer Club

This is a fancy choice for the beer connoisseurs out there. If you don’t want to try newer craft beers, then this package of rare beer is a great choice.

There are only two different beers with this package, but they’re on limited release and have been hand-crafted by the world’s best brewers. You know you’re going to get quality with this one.

You can pick either one, two, or three bottles of each of the two rare beers each month.

On top of that you’ll get the Monthly Newsletter with tasting notes, brewing history, and even advice on food that you can pair the beer with – classy!

How Does Beer Of The Month Club Select Their Beer?

With the great range of different beers that I’ve just detailed, you might wonder how the club settles on their choices and knows that their picks are going to be greatly enjoyed by members.

Firstly, the club has a panel of beer judges and brewmasters with unbeatable industry knowledge and experience. Together, they have over 100 years of collective experience in craft brewing – so their taste is unbeatable.

All selectors on the panel are passionate about their craft (no pun intended) and will deliver to you the very best that the craft beer has to offer.

The panel travels all over the world to attend prestigious beer festivals and judge what’s on offer – searching for the next hit beer for your monthly package.

They meet with the brewers, too, properly getting to know the ins and outs of your future-favorite drink’s production.

And when they taste the beers? They evaluate each of them on a wide variety of aspects, ensuring that they are perfect in every way.

They primarily judge the beer’s overall character, looking at its appeal and flavor, but they also judge the beer’s body, appearance, balance, aromatic profile, finish, and mouthfeel.

You can be certain that when you try a beer that they’ve finally settled on, it’s going to be great in all aspects.

Plus, the great relationship that the club builds with brewers the world over means that they can secure exclusive selections.

If the beer is brewed outside the U.S., they can get a direct import exclusively. This all means that your beers are going to be fairly unique.

Final Thoughts

The Beer Of The Month Club presents a stunning range of craft beers that have all been expertly judged for quality.

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