13 Beer Cocktail Recipes That Beer Fans Will Love

Beer is perhaps one of the most widely consumed drinks out there in the world today. Nothing says it’s summer, or even just a time to relax, like cracking open a cold bottle with your friends and family.

But sometimes, drinking just beer at these events can get kind of… samey, you know?

Outside of trying a different brand, there’s very little variety when it comes to drinking the same kind of drink.

This is perhaps in stark contrast to cocktails, which are pretty much nothing but customizing your favorite drinks and flavors together.

So, what do you get when you combine your favorite beer with other classic cocktail ingredients?

Well, you get this list!

I’m going to show you some of the best ways that you can add those extra flavors, to make the perfect beer cocktails for you to make at home!

Lemon Shandy

Starting this list with a classic drink that everyone will at least have heard before, we have a great recipe for a lemon shandy.

Shandies are some of the most popular drinks to have and prepare for the summer sun. They are incredibly simple to make, only needing two ingredients, and take next to no time to make.

You’ll probably take longer reading this section than it would take to make one of these drinks, they’re that simple.

We almost feel bad about having a recipe in the first place!

However, this recipe does outline what ratios you should be working with for a good shandy, as well as some good garnishes to add (hint: it’s an anagram of melon).

Plus, with the beer being watered down, this is a drink that pretty much anyone can handle.

Black Velvet

Ah, time for the real cocktails to get started!

While beer shandy is a great drink, many people, thanks to its incredible simplicity, might contest if shandy is even a cocktail.

However, with this black velvet cocktail, there’s no question about it here!

Combining one part Guinness (the king of all beers, in our humble opinion), with one part sparkling wine, creates another simple drink that pretty much anyone can make.

The deep and rich color of Guinness gives this cocktail its iconic black color, while the sparkling wine brings the bubbles to an otherwise thick drink.

It’s a texture to drink unlike any other, and we love it!

Pumpkin Beer Cocktail

Some people might say that pumpkin is a basic flavor that is boring.

However, to that, I say, ‘Have you tried this pumpkin beer-based cocktail before you start throwing around wild accusations like that?’

Okay, that last part may be a little hyperbole.

Still, we stand by the fact that pumpkin is a flavor that isn’t boring but is just perfect to use with pretty much any other flavor, and this cocktail only proves that point to us!

If you don’t believe it, you’ll just have to try this recipe out for yourselves, then!


This may seem like a long stretch, but trust us on this one.

This cocktail combines your classic stout beer with Worcesters sauce, as well as a few other savory flavors that you may find more familiar at the dinner table in the kitchen, rather than at a bar.

However, this creates a drink that is unlike anything else in the world. Whilst most other cocktail recipes are drowning in sweetness, this savory cocktail is the perfect drink for those with less of a sweet tooth.

All while still being a refreshing cocktail, perfect for the summer heat!

Grapefruit Beer Bellini

Okay, time to move a little closer to the sweeter side of the spectrum when it comes to cocktails.
Grapefruit is a mainstay of many cocktail recipes.

More bitter than an orange or mandarin, whilst also being less sour than a lemon or lime, grapefruit does a great balancing act of combining sweetness and bite in a cocktail.

And it does the same for this amazing beer-based drink, too!

The bitterness of a good stout goes beautifully with the freshness of both the grapefruit purée, plus the grapefruit beer that this recipe recommends, is the perfect drink to order for a wonderful brunch, or any other time for that matter!

Hangman’s Blood

Okay, sinister name aside, this recipe is to die for!

Stepping aside that morbid pun, this is a cocktail that makes use of not just good beer, but pretty much any classic spirit that you can think of.

Whiskey. Rum, Gin, Brandy Port. All of these spirits are in this drink, making for an incredibly strong cocktail that is not for the faint of heart (or stomach, for that matter).

However, you’ll find a flavor here that few other drinks can match, especially once you have added the champagne to the mix.

Maybe with all these liqueurs thrown in, the name isn’t just a pun….

Jokes aside, this is a great strong cocktail to have for a spooky or Halloween-themed party you may be at!

White IPA & Raspberry Beermosa

If you’re looking for more hops in your beer cocktails, this is the recipe that you’ve been looking for.

Combining a classic white IPA with your favorite wheat beer, whilst also throwing in a few extra fruits for good measure, this is another simple recipe to make for yourself, that adds just a little sweetness from the fruits to your fragrant and bitter beers and IPAs.

Black & Tan

Some people might contest the idea that simply mixing two beers makes it a cocktail and not just a funny-tasting beer.

To that, again, we say, ‘Just taste the drink first!’

Sure enough, this is a simple enough drink for anyone to make.

However, the trick with this cocktail is to balance the thicker Guinness drink with a different beer (your favorite, ideally), that is a little thinner, making a perfect balance between the two.

Remember, the parts need to be equal!

Beer Sangria

Okay, time for the more complicated drink to come through.

Sangria is a classic summer cocktail, full of peachy and fruity flavor that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

So, how about we combine that with another drink that is perfect for summer?

Only for pretty much the opposite reason!

While you may be worried that these drinks would not mesh well, trust us. They’re tastier than you might think!

Sweet Blonde

Sweet blondes are the perfect fancy cocktail for pretty much any kind of event out there that you can think of.

With this recipe, you’ll be able to make it from very simple arts to, making it very easy for you to make at home, even without the exact equipment that every other cocktail recipe seems to ask for!

We would recommend adding just a pinch of salt to this recipe, at least around the rim of the glass.

Stout Gingerbread Flip


This classy little cocktail has it all.

With equal parts stout beer, and dark rum, as well as a little ginger liquor poured in there for good measure, as well as a little egg white and other extras, you have a cocktail that feels VERY fancy to drink.

The heavy use of ginger in this recipe also makes it feels very much like a liquid gingerbread man, only with none of the crumbs.

Not only does this make this drink great for summer, but also makes it just as home in a warm living room with a fireplace during the holidays!

When drinking this cocktail, just keep in mind that this is a creamy cocktail that is meant to be savored, not guzzled in a few sittings. Enjoy the refinement!


Do you love beer, but also want to enjoy a margarita cocktail at the same time without feeling guilty about hoarding the best drinks?

Well, it is a strangely specific request, but we can handle it here, with this beer-margarita hybrid cocktail that will please fans of both!

This drink is the perfect way of adding just a little darkness to your favorite cocktail.

Not too much for it to not look like a margarita, but enough to take the edge off that florescent lime-green many seem to have.

The Cocky Rooster

This recipe is very similar to the black velvet cocktail recipe of before, in as much as it makes full use of adding just a little spice to your otherwise cool stout beer.

This take is a little more East Asian than the black velvet though, as well as the michelada that both drinks are based on.

By adding a little sriracha to the drink, you have a surprisingly hot drink on your hands and your lips here!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the kinds of cocktails that you can make with beer are both delicious, and unlike pretty much any other kind of cocktail on the planet.

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