7 Cool Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

There is nothing worse than having a cold bottle of beer and no way to open it. We have all experienced that moment of despair when you open the drawer, only to find your bottle opener is missing. And, of course, your beer isn’t a twist-off, so you resort to using the back of a spoon or fork to find the perfect leverage point to pop the lid off. The simple task of removing a cap ended up raising your blood pressure instead of calming you down. 

It is moments like this when you need a wall-mounted bottle opener. Once an old fashioned staple of pubs and soda shops, wall mounted bottle openers are making a come back.

These trendy, functional decorations serve a purpose and look good while doing it. Also, you will never find yourself in a blood-pumping frenzy as you try to pry off a bottle cap again. Let’s look at some of the coolest wall mounted bottle openers around. 

1. ZRAMO Wall-Mounted Bartender’s Bottle Opener

ZRAMO 2 Pack of Black Wall-Mounted Bartender's Bottle Opener in Cast Iron, Set of 2 with Mounting Screws Included (2pc retro)
  • EASY DRINK OPENER: Quickly pop bottle caps off your favorite soda bottles with a single hand and minimal leverage.
  • VINTAGE STYLE: Featuring a beautiful, vintage gun metal black accent, our openers look fantastic in a dorm room, kitchen, home bar, or even a pub.

This cast iron bottle opener can tackle even the most stubborn bottle caps. The no-nonsense design is perfect for those of you who don’t want a huge clunky object hanging on your wall. This small bottle opener is all about functionally and not decoration. It even comes in a two-pack so that you can have two rooms equipped with bottle opening capabilities. 

The phrase “open here” is subtly engraved along the top. It has a rustic look and vintage style as well. It makes a statement without being over the top, so it is the perfect way to equip your wall with a bottle opener without being too flashy. 


  • Comes with two openers 
  • Classic style to match almost every room


  • No way to catch the cap when it comes off

2.BELLE VOUS Bottle Opener 

Bottle Opener - (7.6x6.3x2.5cm) Black Wall Mount Bottle Opener with (8.9 x14x6.3cm) Cap Catcher Bin, Mounting Screw and Wall Plug - Bottle Opener for Home, Kitchen, Bar, Indoor and Outdoor
  • WALL-MOUNTED BOTTLE OPENER : Matte Black Heavy duty cast Iron bottle opener 3" tall x 2.5" wide x 1" deep (7.6 x 6.3 x 2.5cm) with cap catcher 3.5" tall x 5.5" wide x 2.5" deep (8.9 x 14 x 6.3cm). It will never rust & always preserves its elegant appearance.
  • NO MESS / NO FUSS : Open your bottles with opener the caps falls into the cap catcher holds upto 75 caps. This eliminates MESS / FUSS and keep your bar, kitchen or cave tidy.
  • BARTENDER BOTTLE OPENER : Vintage beer bottle opener open your bottle with one hand. Let opener do the hard work.

This sleek bottle opener includes a matching cap catching bin to mount underneath the opener. This bin means you won’t have the floor full of bottle caps at the end of the night. It is designed to make your life easier and contain all the caps in one convenient place, so you don’t have to walk to the trash can every time you open a bottle. 

Also, the black matte finish fits seamlessly into almost any room, no matter the style. The color is subtle enough to blend in and not be tacky. 


  • Large bottle cap catcher
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The bucket may be too large for some people’s taste 

3.TableCraft Coca-Cola Wall Mount Bottle Opener

TableCraft Coca-Cola Wall Mount Bottle Opener
  • Classic coke 1929 design evokes
  • Rugged die-cast chrome plated metal construction
  • Easy mounting

Bottle openers can be used for more than just beer. This Coca-Cola themed wall mount brings to mind a simpler time where wall-mounted bottle openers were a staple in every corner grocery store. Kids could pop open their ice-cold sodas on their way out the door to enjoy their drink. 

The classic Coca-Cola logo replaces any foul words sometimes displayed on wall-mounted openers. The recognizable brand makes your kitchen seem more family-friendly instead of beer-centered, so it’s the perfect wall-mount if you have kids. 


  • Vintage-inspired to bring childhood nostalgia 
  • High-quality material 


  • Mounting screws not included 

4. Bruntmor Strong Magnetic Beer Opener 

Bruntmor, CAPMAGS Strong Magnetic w/Zinc Alloy Beer Opener & Cap Catcher - Metal Magnetic (Merbau Wood)
  • A UNIQUE GIFT - This winter surprise your family and friends with this wall mounted bottle opener, it’s a fantastic gift for any special event. It’s the kind of gift you should give on any special occasion.
  • FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE - The Bruntmor is a rustproof magnetic stick-on bottle opener perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Mount it in your man cave, patio, kitchen, or bar. Its attractive wood and metal design complement any setting.
  • READY FOR QUICK USE – With sturdy magnetic mounting on a fridge or any metal surface. Fix it with screws to any wall. The magnets are so powerful that it doesn't slides, fall or move from the mounting surface when you apply force. You don't know you need a magnetic wall mount bottle opener until you have one!

This bottle opener comes equipped with a powerful magnetic to catch the falling caps. The classy wood finish base has a secret hidden magnet lying underneath, so you don’t have to worry about bottle caps falling on the floor. This company claims it can hold up to 50 bottle caps at one time. You’ll have to try for yourself to know for sure.

Also, the powerful magnet means you can mount this bottle opener on your refrigerator. Of course, if you are specifically looking for a wall-mounted opener, you can screw this one into the wall too. However, it is great to have the option of simply placing it on the outside of your fridge. With the sweep of one hand, you can pull a cold brew out of the fridge, then open it in a few seconds without moving your feet. 


  • Mount on fridge or wall
  • Strong magnet to catch caps


  • Mounting on the wall takes a little more work than some other options 

5. QLL Solid Bear Teeth Bite Bottle Opener 

QLL Solid Bear Teeth Bite Bottle Opener, Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Two Screws
  • 1.ENJOY YOUR BEERS IN STYLE: A must have tool for any bar owner with a sense of style; this antique QLL bear beer bottle opener is perfect for the kitchen, garage, bar, patio, barn or anywhere else you desire. Ready to open all your cool refreshments with its intimidating teeth; this wall mounted cast iron bear will express its owner’s character and sense of humor, attracting the eye of all their guests.
  • 2.REMOVE BOTTLE CAPS EFFORTLESSLY: Boasting extremely durable, single mold cast iron and a unique antique look, this cool beer bottle cap opener is made to last for many years to come. Crafted with minute attention to details, this wall mounted bottle opener will get the cap off of even the toughest bottles with ease!
  • 3.MAKE A UNIQUE GIFT: Are you looking for a great gift for the beer lovers in your life? Perfect as a gift for groomsmen or hunting enthusiasts, this cool, vintage bear bottle cap opener is sure to make an impression, every time!

If you are looking for a wall-mount bottle opener for a man cave or cabin, this is the best option for you. This cast-iron bear head shaped opening allows a bear to bite off your bottle cap. Place the top of the bottle in its mouth and watch its mighty teeth pry open the cap as you pull up. If this item doesn’t scream man cave, we don’t know what does. 

Regardless of the impressive design, the durable material means it will last for years. As your life changes, your man cave may become a part of your past glory days. At least you can keep this bear head bottle opener as a token of remembrance. 


  • Cast iron material 
  • Realistic bear mold 


  • May not fit in with all room styles 

6.Flashy Products Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Wall Mount Outdoor Funny Black Beer O'Clock by Flashy Products with Gift Box Rust-Proof Zinc Alloy Essential for Man-cave Bar Pool Engraved with White logo
  • CONVENIENTLY GIFT PACKAGED BEER BOTTLE OPENER: Unique gift packaging makes this bottle cap opener a great gift idea for Birthdays, House Warming, Christmas, Father's Day or Graduation
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Make your bottle opener wall mounted. All bottle openers come with two screws and wall plugs for wall mounting anywhere. A bottle opener wall mount should be planned on a on wall stud, brick, steel or strong surface to avoid wall damage
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Simply insert the bottle into the beer opener and flick to quickly and easily remove bottle tops

This engraved bottle opener makes a great novelty gift for the right person. “BEER O’CLOCK” is boldly written across the top of the opener in engraved, white lettering. There’s no question that this bottle opener will lead to some good times. It would make the perfect accent to a party bar or house. Trust us, everyone will get a kick out of this funny bottle opener. 

Despite the humor, the easy installation and weatherproof finish make it more than just a funny gift. Installation screws and studs are included. Also, it is coated in a durable finish so that it can install it outside too. The party doesn’t have to stay inside when it’s beer o’clock with this bottle opener. 


  • Great novelty gift
  • Weatherproof for outdoor installation 


  • Some may not like the bold statement on the front 

7. CAPLORD Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

Beer Bottle Opener Wall Mounted with Magnetic Cap Catcher - Unique Beer Lovers Gifts for Men - Great Birthday Gifts for Dad, Boyfriend, Gift Ideas for Bday, Housewarming, Present for Husband
  • ☑️ENHANCED QUALITY – Crafted from Superior Stainless Steel, this product is perfect for both outdoor and indoor. The heavy-duty neodymium magnet is set for a lifetime of serious cap fetching.
  • ☑️EASY & FUN TO USE – Our unique design delivers countless adaptable mounting options. The quick and clean installation will allow you to swiftly spark up the party.
  • ☑️EPIC GIFT IDEA – Guaranteed to have a strong impact on any occasion! This fine piece of hardware will mark its territory and the heart of its receiver with a good mood.

This versatile bottle opener comes with an optional mounting magnet. The product includes the mounted bottle opener and a powerful magnet. Unlike most bottle openers with magnets, you have the freedom to place it as close or far away from the opener as you would like. It’s nice to have that freedom. Don’t be fooled by its small size because this magnet can hold up to 40 bottle caps. You’ll be amazed when you see them suspended against the wall. 

Also, it includes all of the needed mounting equipment to make installation a breeze. You will be relieved with how simple it is. 


  • Option to mount a strong magnet with the opener
  • Sturdy stainless steel material 


  • The magnet may stand out when mounted underneath  

DIY Bottle Opener Idea

Get The Best Bottle Opener

With one of these exceptional wall mounted openers, never struggle to find a bottle opener again. You can finally relax because you will have a simple tool you can operate with one hand any time you want to open a bottle. 

From man caves to chic kitchens, there is an option for every style and room. If you are looking for a great gift or solution to the never-ending bottle opener search, one of these bottle openers is for you!

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