Homebrew Systems, Which One Is Right For You

Homebrew Systems

So many homebrew systems and not enough good information on how to choose one. If you are like most new brewers, you want to get your brewing equipment now and start making beer as soon as possible. I had 20 years of winemaking experience and had acquired most of the equipment that I needed. If you are just starting out with no experience or equipment, start with a basic brewing setup, almost everyone does. These extract systems give you a chance to make good beer right on your kitchen stove with a minimum of equipment. If you would like to learn more about extract brewing, click here. Just about everyone offers a basic extract homebrew system that will get you started. If you’d like to learn about extract brewing systems, click here.

10 gallon cooler all grain systems with thermometer

Once you have made several extract kits you may want to see what “All Grain” brewing is about. You will have to do some reading about the brewing process first so you understand what you are getting into. The addition of a mash tun and hot liquor tank plus a chiller is about all the new equipment you will need. This can be as simple as an ice chest with braided steel screen on the bottom, or as elaborate as a refurbished keg fitted with all the bells and whistles. All grain brewing entails mashing your own malted grains and sparging (rinsing) to get every last bit of fermentable sugar from them. With extract brewing the mash and sparge has been done for you and the Dried Malt Extract (DME) or Liquid Malt Extract (LME) is the result. With all grain brewing, you will gain more control over your beer and have a more rewarding brewing experience. For more information on all grain brewing systems,
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You don’t have to buy everything from a homebrew supplier. You can purchase much of the parts or equipment locally at your hardware store or lumber yard and build it yourself. As a group, homebrewers enjoy making their own equipment. From a magnetic stir plate for your liquid yeast starters to a copper wort chiller, homebrewers can manufacture just about any piece of equipment needed to brew award winning beer. This is a new page and will be populated with your homebrew DIY projects and gadgets. Check back often as new projects and gadgets are added.
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Advanced Homebrew Systems

For the advanced homebrewer, (or a beginner that really wants to hit the ground running),
check out the section on Advanced Homebrew Systems.

More Beers tippy dump beer sculpture.

These include Recirculating Infusion Mash Systems (RIMS) and Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash Systems (HERMS). You can purchase these homebrew systems commercially from very reputable suppliers such as Morebeer.com, or they make the ultimate DIY project. These systems are even used in full-size breweries as pilot systems to test new recipes on a smaller scale. Systems like these are what homebrewers dream of, the pinnacle of homebrew systems.

The Catalyst Fermentation System - 6.5 Gallon Plastic Conical Fermenter
  • 6.5 Gallon Conical Fermenter that separates sediment, eliminates transfers and allows you to bottle straight from your fermenter.
  • The Catalyst’s tank is made from Tritan, a food-safe, BPA-free polymer. This revolutionary material retains the same clarity and smoothness of glass, but is resistant to shattering.
  • 3” Trub Trap Butterfly Valve – the largest in the industry- is designed to work with any large-mouthed mason jar, which makes catching and storing viable yeasts or separating sediment super simple.

Fermentation is a HUGE part of the brewing process. Once you have your wort (pronounced wurt) made and chilled, it’s time to ferment.There are several options from basic buckets to complicated glycol cooled conical fermenters with digital temperature control. Once you understand the fermentation process and can control it, your beer can go from good to great.


Keg Kit with 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg, 5 lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder, Regulator, and All Accessories
  • New 5 lb aluminum CO2 cylinder with new CGA320 brass valve
  • Class 1 reconditioned 5 gallon ball lock keg, cleaned and pressure-tested
  • New dual-gauge CO2 regulator

So your beer is finished fermenting and you are ready to bottle. After washing, sanitizing, and filling 50 bottles per 5 gallon batch for a while, most homebrewers start to think about kegging. If you decide you’d rather keg your homebrew than bottle it, you are going to need a way of dispensing the beer. Learn everything you need to know about kegging your homebrew.

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No matter which of the homebrew systems you choose, extract or all grain, you will be making good beer right from the start. Just think, no more buying beer at the store. You will have an endless supply of different beer styles that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family. You can even make great beer to serve at your daughter or son’s wedding for that special gift from dad or mom (and save a ton of money in the process!).  For super nice beer labels, click here.

Neato Custom Beer Bottle Labels - Waterproof, Printable, Super Glossy, Vinyl, Tear Free Labels for Inkjet & Laser Printers, 10 Sheets - 40 Total Stickers - Includes Online Design Beer Label Software
  • WATER RESISTANT - Labels are created to withstand moisture.
  • SELF ADHESIVE - On the back of each printable beer label is a strong adhesive that peels off easily, leaving no residue on the beer bottle.
  • PERSONALIZE ANY BEER BOTTLE - Perfect for home breweries and homemade beers.

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