BJCP Beer Style Chart

I’ve built a BJCP beer style chart that I hope will be useful to everyone. 

Click here to download our beer chart as a pdf.

Listed are most (but not all) of the beer styles in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines along with some good information about each style.  Included on the chart are:

  • The Style Name
  • The Style Number per the 2015 BJCP Guidelines
  • The Category Name in Which the Style Fits in the Guidelines
  • Estimated Original Gravity Range
  • Estimated Final Gravity Range
  • % Alcohol By Volume Range(%ABV) for the style
  • International Bittering Units IBU Range
  • Color Sample for the Style (Taken From the Median SRM Range Listed)
  • Color Range in SRM’s
  • Carbonation Levels in Volumes of CO²

Some Notes:

  1. The information for the chart was gathered from many different sources, including the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines, BeerSmith Brewing Software, several Brewing Calculators including a priming sugar calculator from, and information from the book Brew Like a Monk by Stan Heironymus…
  2. I feel that the levels of carbonation for many or most Belgian styles are under stated in most calculators online and in the brewing software.  According to Stan Hieronymus in his classic book, Brew Like a Monk (Brewer’s Publications, 2005), Westmalle goes to 4.0 vols, Duvel to 4.25, and Orval goes as high as 5.0 vols of CO².

    While I didn’t go that high, I did find sources that showed the carbonation levels in the 3-4.5 range… You may notice different carbonation level values given at varying sources on the internet and in different brewing software.  Many times, these values are  “best guess” values by the author based on their research and experience.

  3. The color samples used on the chart are HTML Hex Color Codes which represent a specific SRM value.  The SRM chosen for the sample was the median (middle) of the SRM range given for that style.  So, if a beer had a range of 5-35, then the median SRM would be 35-5=30/2=15.
  4. If anyone finds any gross errors in this beer style chart, please use the contact me form and I’ll research and correct the error.

Here are some images of the visual chart we’ve created:

Our BJCP Beer Style Chart

First, here’s a zoomed-up look at our chart key so you know what all the numbers mean. You can click on any image below to view a full-sized image and zoom in.

Beer Chart 2
Beer Style Chart 1

You can download the BJCP Beer Style Chart in .pdf format for free by clicking here.

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Thanks and Cheers!

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