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Home Brewery

Welcome to Mob Barley’s home brewery, version 2.0.  I bought the 14’x60′ building with an 8′ porch to brew on. It was basically an empty shell with anchors to keep it from blowing away in a hurricane (I am only a few miles from the Gulf Coast after all).  

I ran an underground power cable and wired the building myself with three outlets on each wall, two outdoor outlets on the front porch, a flood light for night brewing (or when the brew day extends after dark), and an electrical panel. 

After running all the electrical lines and adding outlets, I cut a hole in the wall for the air conditioner.  The entire inside is fully insulated and then finished with plywood. 

The final task was to install a vinyl flooring that would be waterproof and still look good (because you can’t do anything in a home brewery without making a mess).  Take a look at the pictures below for a better idea of what it all looks like two years later…

Front View of Mob Barley's Home Brewery
Back Wall wih Mob's Brewery
Coolers with Temperature Control
Equipment Storage
Bulk Grain Storage
Mob's Mini Lab
Closeup of my Lab Setup with scales, stirplate, etc.
Specialty Grain Storage plus some equipment
Mead that is bulk aging.
Bins for storing small items such as poppets, o-rings, etc.
Sour Beer-Flanders Red aging on oak with Fermwrap.
Some beer competition awards
Front View with one of the bookshelves and sour beers aging

This is a working homebrew room.  I brew on the front porch and do all the fermenting, milling, transfers, bottling, etc. inside. I keep all my brewery supplies inside on stainless shelves which you can purchase just about anywhere.

 One small 10,000 BTU window air conditioner keeps the inside nice and cool.  During the summer I keep it at 68° F and use a small ceramic heater to keep the entire room warm in the winter. 

That’s the advantage of adding a lot of quality insulation.  All I need now is a sign on the front of the building proclaiming that this is “Mob Barley’s Brewery” and I’ll be set. 

I would like to run a water line and put a mop sink outside soon.  As you can see in the last photo, I bought some RV water hose to run from the house to the brewery for clean water without the “water hose” taste you get from a regular hose. 

Sorry, there is no home brewery kit.  You just have to adapt a space you have available into a working home brew area.  I’ve seen pictures of home breweries that are nothing more than a space in the utility room next to the washer and dryer.

For tight spaces, you might have to adapt your equipment to fit into the space.  For the utility room example, the homebrewer built a vertical homebrew system or homebrew setup to  fit into the space.  It was pretty ingenious, but then, most homebrewers are very adept at DIY projects.

No matter where you keep your home brewery supplies, you can call it your Home Brewery.

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