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Are you just beginning to homebrew? Joining your local homebrew club is probably the single most important step you can take toward making really great beer.

Let’s face it, unless you know how to assimilate a lot of information from a lot of varied sources, you will be all alone in your homebrewing endeavors. You may make OK beer, but when you want to take your homebrew to the next level, join a club.

Local clubs offer a wealth of experience and information in the form of their membership. These guys and gals have been perfecting their brewing craft for many many years and are brewing truly great beer. Many will be award winning homebrewers.

Just think of the mistakes you could avoid by asking for their help…and they will be glad to help in any way they can. Many will come over to your house and walk you through your first all grain brew from recipe formulation through the fermentation and bottling or kegging operations.

How To Find a Homebrew Club Near You

All of the current club listings are kept in a database on the American Homebrew Association’s website.

Click Here To Find A Club Near You

I can’t vouch for all clubs, The Dead Yeast Society in Lafayette, Louisiana, only charges $25 per year for an individual membership and that includes three yeast starters from our club’s yeast library. That alone just about covers the membership fees.

Even if your club is new, you will find like-minded individuals with many years of brewing experience just waiting to help young brewers and advanced brewers. Many homebrew clubs have facebook pages for their members to ask questions and receive answers back quickly about any topic on their mind, as well as receive updates on club activities. 

Come on over and check us out. Ask a question or just lurk and see what homebrewing is all about. Our club just finished volunteering 145 gallons of home brewed beer to our local beer festival called Gulf Brew which benefits the Acadiana Center For the Arts. We volunteered our beer and our time to benefit this great organization and possibly even recruited some new homebrewers in the process.

Many homebrew competitions are sponsored by local clubs and the proceeds from entry fees etc. generally go to support a local charity. How else can you learn how to judge beers in a competition setting, taste some of the best beers you have ever drank, and support a great cause at the same time?

Start Your Own Homebrew Club

I can’t overemphasize the importance of having a mentor to help you through the beginning phases of your brewing experience. If you don’t have a local club, see if you have a source for homebrew supplies locally. Put up a sign in the store requesting all interested brewers to show up to the first meeting. If you get some interest, start a club in your local area, click here to see how it’s done. This is a link to an article on the AHA website.  If you have a club, but it’s not registered with the AHA, click here.

Along with joining your local brewing club, always support your local homebrew supply store. Get to know the guys working there. They will be great helps in finding equipment, ingredients, and learning about beer.

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