How To Make Beer, A Homebrewer’s Guide to Brewing Procedures


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So, you want to learn how to make beer. The art and science of brewing may seem overwhelming at first. This section is a reference guide for the novice and advanced homebrewer alike. The more you brew, the more you learn. It is not all math, chemistry and biology. You get to drink a lot of really great beers and meet some of the nicest people around, home brewers or amateur brewers as they are called in Europe. The homebrewing community is growing with leaps and bounds and now is a great time to get involved. So, first things first. Join a homebrew club in your area. Start going to the meetings and drinking other homebrewer’s beer. You’ll see just how great homebrew can be. It’s a great hobby that offers immense satisfaction. It gets under your skin and before you know it, you are a serious homebrewer, making award winning homebrew.

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While you learn how to make beer you will be forging great friendships at the same time. There is always something new to learn, and you are always adapting and improvising while you brew. You will take a lot of pride in your accomplishments and the beers you make. And, there are many beer styles out there just waiting to be brewed.  But sometimes the hardest part of home brewing is deciding what to brew next.  The information is basic enough for the beginner and at the same time, will benefit the intermediate and advanced homebrewer too.

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How to make beer: Procedures

Extract brewing procedures are discussed here. Most extract brewers begin with an extract ingredient kit from a local homebrew supply or homebrew supplier online. The setup is fairly simple and can usually be purchased cheaply or pieced together from items in your kitchen. Once you taste the fruit of your labors, you’ll be hooked. Learn how you can make great beer with malt extract by reading and practicing the extract tips presented in this section.

All-grain brewing procedures are discussed in this section. If you are considering the move to all grain brewing, this section will increase your awareness of the brewing process and introduce you to some of the more advanced information you’ll need to know in order to make award winning beer. To gain the ultimate control over your beer, you need to brew all grain. There is a lot to know before you can brew consistent, high quality all grain recipes. Understand and apply the information presented in this section and you will make really great beer. Click on the banner to go to the website and check out all the cool homebrewing supplies they have. They have some great basic brewing kits as well as the top advanced homebrew systems available on the market today.

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